• Blue Shillows Sheet

Pillow Cases Are Annoying..

Do you struggle with inserting your pillows in the pillow case? We know it could be a pain when you're just trying to go to bed.. That's why Shillows Sheets was created to make nap time fun again!

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Features and More!

  • An All-In-One Sheet!

    No more mix and matching sheets and pillow cases. Shillows is an All-In-One Sheet with a sewn in pillow case!

  • Pillow Cases Are Outdated.

    Enjoy our unique sewn in pillow cover with openings for your arms. There's a center insert for your hands and side openings for your pillows!

  • Rich Materials Designed For Comfort.

    Shillows Sheets come with a Satin pillow cover and a microfiber sheet. Satin prevents frizzy hair and skin irritation caused by other fabrics. Microfiber also keeps you warm and cozy all night!

Enjoy The Best Sleep, Daily.

Shillows Sheets has openings for your hands while you sleep, keeping them warm and secured from any monsters. ;) Your pillows slide into the sheet from each side of the bed and are isolated in a pocket to NEVER fall out.

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